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Baccanalle Picnic Essentials

NEW!  Saturday Byward Market Pickup Option at our Afrotechture Store - 55 Byward Market Square.   Order by 6pm on Friday

Tips for Creating the Perfect Picnic

Great food, fresh air...you're off to an awesome start!  Here are some other ways to level up your picnic:

  1. Bring along a big tarp to put down on the grass just in case it's a bit...dewy

  2. Spread your favourite outdoor blanket on the grass 

  3. Add in a few pillows - outdoor patio ones are awesome for easy wipe and re-use or picnic in style with some of these beautiful African print pillows from the Artisans at our Afrotechture store

  4. Tunes! What's your vibe?  Bring your fave!

  5. Tent it Up!  If you have the space to bring it, putting up a new tent these days is super-easy and gives you instant privacy  and a camping vacay feel!

  6. Game on!  Check out our blog and learn about one of our favourite card games - All Fours!

  7. Location, Location, Location - here are some of our top picks in the Region!

Let's Picnic!