Our original sauces are perfect for dipping, cooking and adding flavour accents to your dishes!   Perfect for you and your foodies and check them out:


Sweet Jerk:  One of our very first expressions of Baccanalle flavours - a true classic! Sweet meets heat for an explosion of flavour - great for dipping, cooking, chutneys or grilling.


Roasted Tomato Choka Sauce:  Choka is a traditional style of cooking vegetables in Trinidad. We like to enjoy these spicy roasted flavours all the time and have incorporated them into a sauce. A perfect savoury chutney, accent to a dish cooked with tomatoes, as a salsa for dipping or alongside grilled fish or chicken...Enjoy!


Tamarind-Rum Sauce:  Tamarind and Rum, 2 exceptional classic Caribbean flavours that inspired the creation of a special condiment for our Championship dish at the Embassy Chef Challenge! Enjoy with charcuterie, as a dip for savoury pastries like pour patties, samosas, sausage rolls, knish and our Pholourie of course. Check out more recipe tips on the postcard that comes with. This is a great pick for stocking stuffers for your Foodies too!


Baccanalle Jerk Marinade:  Righteous! One of the secrets behind our awesome Jerk Chicken! Perfectly paired with our Jerk Wood Smoker Blend!


Cranberry-Sorrel Compote:  Not your ordinary cranberry sauce! Made with locally farmed cranberries, our own Hibiscus (Sorrel) extract, aromatic spices and a few other things - Baccanalle Cranberry-‪Hibiscus‬ (Sorrel) sauce is a fantastic accompaniment. Enjoy with roasted poultry or pork, tofurkey, on your charcuterie board or as a spread on scones, biscuits, and breakfast pastries!

Baccanalle Signature Sauces (118mL)

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