Marinades, Rubs & Sauces


These are sauces, rubs and marinades that you can use to season your food, enhance flavours, use as a dip and finish sauces - we do!  These are all key products that we make and use in our Baccanalle kitchen.  These are packaged in 250ml or 750ml plastic containers and are value-priced compared to our gift items - many of these products are available as gift items (glass packaging) on our Baccanalle Shop.  

Signature Spice Blend:  A Baccanalle staple, this spice blend is the flavour foundation for our savoury dishes.  Use as a dry rub or as a seasoning - a little adds some lovely flavour and a lot adds a kick!

Trinbago style Green Seasoning:  A staple in Trinbagonian kitchens, this is a special blend of fresh herbs and vegetables that impart a full-bodied flavor synonymous with this twin-island cuisine!  Typically used as a marinade for fish and poultry, try it with tofu and to accent your next vinaigrette or favourite dip!

House Jerk Marinade:  Righteous! One of the secrets behind our awesome Jerk Chicken!  Perfectly paired with our Jerk Wood Smoker Blend

Baccanalle Sweet Jerk Sauce:  Enjoy one of our very first expressions of Baccanalle, this is a true classic and a Fan Fave! Sweet meets heat for an explosion of flavour; great for dipping, cooking, chutneys, or grilling.

Baccanalle Sweet Jerk BBQ Sauce: Sweet, tangy, a little spicy, and infused with tropical flavours! Perfectly paired with our Jerk Wood Smoker Blend

Roasted Tomato Choka Sauce:  Experience total Trinbago flavours in this savoury chutney condiment with a little kick.  Choka is a traditional style of cooking certain vegetables in Trinidad and Tobago, reflecting the strong  Indo-Caribbean food culture of this country.We roast our tomatoes with garlic, chilies, olive oil, salt and cumin to create a beautiful flavour base!



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