March 04, 2022

It's about time isn't it? 

Are you ready to get out of Dodge?  Whether you are heading out on a road trip/bus/train/jet plane - here are some ideas on how we can help you stay fuelled (and let's face it - flex when you open up your awesome lunch).  Order ahead - in fact order for delivery if you know you will be last minute packing - for worry-free travel. 

Here are some ideas!

  • Save some of the last minute running around/limited choices/closed/not open/long lines for a decent meal on the go - especially if you are travelling by train, bus or jetting out of here!   Our wraps and salad boxes are a great option for this.  Keep rocking that Happy Vibe with our sweet stuff!

  • Need a little spice to add some flavour to your destination? Pick up one of our signature spice blend tins.

  • Driving out to a condo/apartment/chalet style vacay with DIY features?  And you don't want to cook or do takeout every day?  Or maybe not stand up in line #everyday waiting for a table? Bring along some items from our Stock-the-freezer menu- perfect to heat & serve or quickly construct on the go - from Caribbean Mac, quesadillas, pulled jerk chicken, yummy soups, vegan curries and more.  Also check out this link for cool snacks, dips and foodie kits and try it out yourself!  You will LOVE this option on the day you arrive at your destination.  

  • Would you like your meal packaged in a leak-proof recyclable container? This option might be better - more compact.  

All dipping sauces are on the side (2oz) should you choose to remove prior to travel.

Let us know if you are travelling and we will throw in a little something extra with your order (non-food) to use/enjoy on your trip!  


Bon Voyage from the Baccanalle Team!

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