About Baccanalle

Baccanalle is your destination to taste the Caribbean Lifestyle!  Based in Ottawa, Baccanalle is brought to you by award-winning Chef and Food Artisan, Resa Solomon-St. Lewis.   Baccanalle offers catering, ready-to-eat and stock-the-freezer individual and family-style meals, as well as artisan foods, craft drinks and gifts!  Pre-order pickup and delivery options - same day options available during opening hours. 

At Baccanalle, we are in the business of helping you create and enjoy a Caribbean culinary experience. Chef Resa created Baccanalle with a goal of creating Afro-Caribbean and Soul Food with lifestyle options.  We are proud of the fact that most of our menu items are either vegan or gluten-free friendly, and Halal-friendly.  We are happy to customize catering and prepared meals to further meet our customer needs.  We create delicious options for salt-free dishes and Chef Resa also created a recipe booklet to create more options for families managing IBD (Crohn's Disease and Colitis).  As a trained professional, Chef Resa and her team also provide delicious menu options to delight a variety of palates.

Whether you choose our ready-to-eat, freezer options or artisan foods & drinks, you will get a taste of the sun, sand and palm trees!  Our artisan foods & gifts are accompanied by recipe tips and look out for our recipes and video demos online :)

We started off in our local ethnic community fairs and Ottawa's Beechwood Market and have grown to be a part of several Farmer's markets, artisan shows, festivals as well as pop-ups and catering.  The Pandemic resulted in big changes for our operating model - but it also taught us to pivot to meet the changing needs of our customers.  We are not afraid of change and we aim to please! In 2022, we moved our operations to our own commercial kitchen located at 1805 Gaspe Avenue (Manor Park). We love our great big kitchen and the serene setting that surrounds including the beautiful horses in the adjacent pasture - yet we are only 5 minutes away from our former location on Montreal Rd!  We are so excited that our customers can also shop us online and on social and love collaborating with partners and putting Baccanalle on store shelves!  Contact us for wholesale opportunities, pop-ups and special events. 

And by the way - so what does Baccanalle mean?  Baccanalle is a play on the word "Bacchanale" which means scandal or wild celebration in the Caribbean.  We hope that your Baccanalle experience will be a wild celebration for your tastebuds...we will leave the scandal to others!

Get ready for a taste of the Caribbean Lifestyle!

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   Meet the Chef 

Resa Solomon-St. Lewis is the Founder, CEO & Executive Chef of Baccanalle. Learn more about Chef Resa here





Our Team

We are where we are thanks to an amazing, home-grown team.   Thank you to everyone that has contributed the hard work, flexibility, curiosity, camaraderie  and growth to allow us to develop.   I am especially grateful for my team for standing side-by-side with me as we weathered the pandemic and continue to adapt our business.

 Bon Appetit!

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