May 12, 2022

First of's only 5 minutes away :). Our new location will be at 1805 Gaspé avenue in Manor Park, co-located with Ottawa Street Markets HQ.

Please note these dates: 

May 21:  Last day for pickup/delivery at Montreal Rd

June 3:  Vegans Who Snack Food Festival (Parkdale Market)

June 7:  First day for pickup at new location - 1805 Gaspé Avenue.

Pickup, delivery, catering, farmer's markets, pop-ups, demos, festivals, will all continue as per usual (but better!) at our new location plus some onsite happenings coming soon!

Here's the story...

With all of the change that we experienced during the Pandemic and other unexpected events in our City, it's hard not to run away from more. 

But this is a good change.  Some people expected that we would move to a high traffic address and open a sit-down restaurant. Great idea too but we are EXCITED to be moving to Manor Park  to co-locate with our friend and President of Ottawa Street Markets (formerly Beechwood Market) - Chris Penton. While we will miss our customers-now friends-at 595 Montreal Rd,  with this move - we are exactly where we want to be - in an awesome kitchen that will fuel our creativity; great space to keep our staff happy; open fresh air; close to major routes; mixed use space so we can do different things - including onsite events; easy access to a local producer hub and in the company of our friends at Beechwood Market/Ottawa Street Markets and the pulse of the local community (Manor Park Community Council). 

We've got some fun stuff planned onsite and we are excited to welcome you at our new location!  

And it’s just 5 minutes away!

Thank you to everyone that has supported us on this journey and we appreciate your feedback and your suggestions!

Chef Resa @Baccanalle

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