June 14, 2022

If you are like me, then this time of year, I'm looking for something delicious, wholesome and quick  to whip up for dinner.  My Bacanalle Backyard Pasta recipe pulls in common fridge and pantry ingredients with a few Baccanalle faves. Perfect for the backyard grill, cottage or even camping (just pack the cooked pasta)

As the Chef & Owner of Baccanalle, I love cooking of course and now more than ever I especially love quick meals that I can pull together inside or outside while I’m chilling out. Here's the good news - you can totally do this recipe 100% outside once your pasta is cooked! If you have a side burner on your grill - then cook the pasta there too!. No BBQ? This recipe calls for less than 30 minutes of prep if you get your water boiling from the start!

Visit the "Backyarding" section of our Baccanalle online menu to get the Baccanalle products mentioned in this recipe: Signature Spice Blend, House Pulled Jerk Chicken and/or Beechwood Fiesta Black Bean & Corn Salsa. 


  • Our Beechwood Salsa with dairy cheese is a great Vegetarian option;

  • Substitute Vegan Cheese and Vegan Pasta for a Vegan Option. 

  • Go Gluten-free easily with gluten-free pasta - all of the other recipe components, including Baccanalle products are gluten-free!

Baccanalle backyard pasta recipe

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